Conventional NDT

Ultrasonic Testing

Wall thickness measurement and weld scanning of piping, structural, Pipeline, Storage tanks and pressure vessels for new and on stream facilities. Inspection of shafts and rolled sheets or plate for detecting laminar type discontinuities.

Ultrasonic methods of NDT use beams of mechanical waves (vibrations) of short wavelength and high frequency, transmitted from a small probe in contact with the specimen surface and detected by the same or other probes. Such mechanical vibrations have different forms Depending on the direction of particle movement in the wave motion, so there are several forms of Ultrasonic waves. The most common and widely used in NDT are compressional and transverse (shear) waves. Applications include Detecting, Locating, Mapping and Sizing of manufacturing defects in welds and castings and monitoring of Corrosion / Erosion in upstream and downstream equipments of operating Plant.