Advanced / Specialist Non-Destructive Testing

Teletest-Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

Teletest is a long range NDT screening technique for the detection of corrosion under Insulation and other metal loss flaws in piping. The technique employs low frequency guided ultrasound, which is capable of propagation over considerable distances. Long inspection ranges permit extended lengths of pipe work to be examined without the need To remove large areas of insulation or wrapping.

The Teletest uses a pulse echo technique to transmit and receive the ultrasound at a single Location. The technique gauges percentage material loss from the depth and Circumferential extent of the defect.  The teletest has been developed with site operation in mind.

The teletest tooling consists of three rings of Piezoelectric transducers, dry coupled to the Pipe wall. The tool can be placed directly on well bonded paint coatings, and there is Little or no effect on the test range. For insulated pipe work, a small section of the Insulation has to be removed to facilitate placement of the tool. For pipe diameters up to 4 a fixed tool head is available. For larger diameters a modular approach has been Adopted to enhance flexibility.