Advanced / Specialist Non-Destructive Testing

Automatic Ultrasonic Testing (AUT)

AUT is a non-destructive testing method utilizing the advantages of conventional ultrasonic techniques in an automated process with computerized data acquisition and data storage. A distinct advantage of AUT is the creation of baseline inspections with a database and hard copy scan images for reporting and customer review for each scan image.  Data collection is accomplished in the A-Scan, B-Scan, B-Prime (D-Scan) and C-Scan formats with an overlay capability of the data. The advantages of the AUT process also include the versatility, speed and coverage attainable on the test specimens.  Large areas of materials are scanned quickly and accurately. Sophisticated data analysis software is implemented for the resolution, interpretation and sizing of AUT indications.Other customer advantages include in-service examinations, thus eliminating downtime costs by bringing the equipment out of service and equipment cleaning costs for internal inspections and fitness-for-service evaluations. AUT is a non-hazardous procedure which may be performed in Conjunction with other activities. Access to only one side of test material is required for the inspection.